Sunday, December 02, 2007

thanks, and come again soon

it seems like this place stays empty all the time now. well i guess it means there is always an open table. i show up thinking i'll run into a familar face, but mostly i just sit here, alone, daydreaming. eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and wheat toast please. The best coffee in town makes up for the lack of cleanliness. the stains on the walls, the beat up furniture, and half broken tile floor. WE use to come here every night. WE made this place a staple, a foundation, and a class room. WE had a time machine in the back room nobody knew about were we travelled to our futures and back again. WE were always together, now til the end. To bad the end showed up to soon, and now......well there is always open tables, and that sign on the door when you leave. If WE could only remember what it said.

Monday, August 27, 2007

oh crappy crap

So i thought i should probably update this piece since it's been a minute. We are pretty much redefining everything we are doing at the Youth Center so it's been busy. I've been trying to figure out what to do with myself outside of work. It seems i have a bit of no life syndrome going on. I read, watch movies, and catch up on my tv shows. Anyone watching bb8? so i'm a lame basically. i do not "got out" in any form of the word unless it's to the gym. i have no "social life" unless you could doing stuff with the teens i work with. i do not "meet new people" unless it's through or for work. i am "a loser" in every way. I feel i'm ready for change not just at the youth center, but i my life. i don't know what this will look like or when it will take place, but i want to be ready for it. i would really like to go to africa, or india and work in an orphanage. it has always been my retirement plan, but i feel i don't want to wait any longer. i know i want to finish out my next three years here at CF and see my young'ins leave the nest and go to college, but i am dreaming of far away places, smells, colors, sounds, and tears. so dream of my future and come dance with me around in the dirt with laughter and joy on smiling faces.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hi ho

a camping we will go, and camping we will go. hi ho a merry oh a camping we will go. it's june, which means i camp. i love camp. camp loves me. we might get married, or at least make out for a while then drop each other in an emotional depressive tornado. i haven't had a movie kick much. more of scrubs season 5. did go see 28 weeks later, and watched hannibal rising. it must of been camp that made me want to see things die slowly. i did rewatch.........dum dum of my favorite movies called beautiful girls. it's an older 90's film and it's not a skin flick. if you saw the short lived show october road, yeah written by the same guy. also similar in story line, but the movie was way better than the show. nothing to major, i did find a pair of flip flops i liked at walmart and bought six pair. i am loaded for the summer. don't know when i'll be taking vaction, if anyone has any ideas for me or wants to connect this summer let me know. i've got three weeks of time to work with. that's all for now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

peanut butter and jelly and the end of the human race

for some reason i have picked up an addiction for the delicous combinations of pb&j. i like them with a banana and oj in the morning and cheetos in the afternoon. i eat them for snacks every now and then or just for the fun of it when i get the shakes. it's like being a kid again. i even whet to the zoo the other day with nate, lins, and the kids. it was a treat. our zoo is horrible, but for some reason i wanted to just stay all day. then they pretty much had to kick us out. i've watched a couple of new movies. apocalypto, mel gibsons movie about the end of a mayan civialization and why it was driven to extinction caught me by surprise. i think mostly i was so sucked into the movie, and thinking they had destroyed themselves i wasn't expecting the end. my one main complaint is, if you watch the making of the film, they go so big to making it acurate, real sets, makeup, even hand woven outfits for hundreds of extras, but then he throws in lines like, "were f++ked." mayans dropping the f bomb pulled me out of the picture and into my center were i hear kids use it everyday. has the word been around really that long, did mel do extensive research to find the mayan's coined the phrase? if not then i'm sorry but it was enough to make me rant for a while. i know i'm critical about movies, most people think i never enjoy movies, or life, or people, like because i find little things i therefore i must hate it, them, or whatever. i liked this movie, i just could have been more convinced about the historic end to a human race with out the f word screwing it up for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

call me test dummy

so today was chick movie day. i have no problem admitting that, mostly because i watch to many movies and the only new releases on tuesday were three romantic comedys. so on my day off i watched all three. i found myself to experience enough sappieness to drive me to bw's to watch kickboxing, play poker, and eat flesh off the bone. incase you were wondering the movies were catch and release, music and lyrics, and because i said so. catch and release was good, not what i expected, reminded me a bit of moonlight mile (which is a way way better movie and a must see if you have not)music and lyrics i liked, hugh grant i like, and eight's music washup story is just entertainment all by itself. makes you wonder what they are really doing now. because i said so not so much. diane keaton had me wanting to kill myslef and sorry, but it was just revolting how trampie everyone is in this movie. seriously vomited in my mouth numberous times due to this movie.

Monday, May 07, 2007

my three new best friends.....

..stan getz, joao giberto, and astrud giberto. i've been sick for the past couple of days, just sinus stuff, but they have made it beautiful. i dream to them tonight again.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

the world stops around you

when you are around people, listen to them, not your ipod. if no one is around then turn it up loud.

the 10 i'm listening to on 11...

gergory and the hawk
the good, the bad, and the queen (thanks to brad)
james morrison
lauryn hill/fugees-they are my kool aid
iron and wine
sleeping at last
gym class heros
joseph arthur
ode to old school: etta, ray, frank, al, marvin, johnny

let friends influnece you, i have and i like it.